Southeast Occupational Medicine

HealthWorks, a service of Southeast Occupational Medicine, located within HealthPoint Plaza in Cape Girardeau, provides a three-dimensional approach to healthcare for regional businesses. Our occupational medicine team includes a board-certified occupational medicine specialist, Mark D. Austin, DO and a dedicated staff of physical therapists, nurses, and wellness consultants.

The traditional occupational medicine values have been greatly expanded into a “win-win” program for the employer and their employees. The employees’ rapid return to work and full recovery from work injury ensures minimal disability and lost wages. For the employer, the sensitivity to OSHA “recordability” and lost-time incidents coupled with a return-towork focus ensures maximum medical risk management and decreased injury costs.

The establishment of a post-offer, pre-placement examination involving highly trained staff under supervision of a Board Certified Occupational Physician defines our mission to provide the most complete support available in the region at a very reasonable cost. The detailed “work injury reviews” provide the most complete assessment of causality available in the region.

Occupational Medicine Services Include:

  • OSHA/ADA Medical Consultation
  • Second Opinion Evaluation
  • Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)
  • “Direct Threat” Health Assessments
  • Individualized Job Function Analysis
  • Fire Brigade/Confined Space Review
  • Specialty Physical Examinations (DOT, Asbestos, Respirator Certification, etc.)
  • Random Drug Screen Support
  • Hearing Conservation

Other Services Available Upon Request Include:

  • HealthWorks Company Profile with Financial Analysis of Health Risks
  • Flu Shot Program and Other Immunizations
  • Wellness Screening with individual Health Risk Analysis
  • Other services as requested