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Shoulder Replacement Surgery
The ball-shaped bone at the top of the upper arm is removed and replaced with a metal substitute. The shoulder socket is widened and lined with a smooth pad that allows the metal ball joint to move more freely against the shoulder blade.who suffer from arthritis
Hip Replacement Surgery
The ball-shaped bone at the top of the thigh is removed and replaced with a metal substitute. The hip joint is the place where the thighbone called the femur and the hipbone called the pelvis meet. Over time, especially in patients who suffer from arthritis
Knee Replacement Surgery
When the knee becomes diseased due to arthritis or other injury the bones rub together causing pain and can even restricting the ability to walk. In this procedure, the ends of the femur, tibia and patella are replaced with a metal joint which restores freedom of movement.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repair
The median nerve, which carries sensation to the thumb and first three fingers, passes through a natural passageway in the wrist. This added pressure can cause a tingling sensation in the fingers and the thumb and may even lead to numbness, pain and restricted movement.
Meniscus of Knee Repair
Arthroscopic surgery in order to repair a torn meniscus in your knee. The meniscus is cartilage that not only protects the bone, but also acts like the leg's shock absorber. Symptoms include swelling, restricted movement, pain and even the inability to stand on the effected leg....
Tendon Repair Surgery
Your Achilles tendon is the connection between the heel and the most powerful muscle group in the body. It is the strongest, largest and thickest tendon ....
Bunion Removal Foot Surgery
A bunion is caused when the metatarsal bone in the big toe gradually shifts towards the second toe.
Cruciate Ligament Surgery
The ligaments in the knee are strong, flexible cords of tissue that hold the bones together. Damage to any individual part can dramatically restrict movemen.t
Cuff Repair Open Surgery
Rotator cuff is the term given to describe a group of four tendons that work together to support and stabilize the shoulder joint.