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Southeast Guest House Lodging

Southeast Guest House

Who the Guest House Serves

The availability of a Guest House is in keeping with Southeast’s role as a regional medical center committed to full service for patients and families. The service is intended for Southeast outpatients and inpatient family members meeting utilization criteria. Eligibility is determined by the Social Services Department.

The first priority, however, is cancer patients who live a minimum of 100 miles round trip from Cape Girardeau and who are undergoing long-term outpatient therapy at Southeast Cancer Center (approximately 50 percent of all cancer patients are treated with radiation therapy at some point).

The Guest Houses provide comfortable, convenient lodging during the course of treatment. When space allows, consideration for lodging also is given to family members of critically ill patients hospitalized at Southeast.

Guest HouseGuest House Facilities

Each room accommodates up to two guests. A maximum of two individuals from the same family are permitted in a Guest House facility at a time. If a cancer patient is a guest, a personal caregiver may stay with that patient. Guests are issued a common entrance door key as well as a sleeping room key. For the privacy and security of the guests, each sleeping room can be locked. SoutheastHEALTH is not responsible for any lost valuables or belongings.

The kitchen includes a microwave oven, refrigerator, toaster and coffeepot. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are shared by guests. The Guest Houses also have garbage disposals, washers and dryers. Regular meals can be purchased in the Hospital cafeteria or at Lacey's. Guests are responsible for purchasing their own food and detergent. Guests may bring in food, drinks, etc. Names should be added to personal items left in the kitchen.

For cancer patients ONLY: The Hospital will supply certain food/drink items free of charge. Arrangements can be made with Social Services.

Local telephone calls can be made free of charge; long distance calls can be made by dialing zero to reach the operator and charging the call to a telephone credit card or home number or placing the call collect. Families/ patients are responsible for the cost of long distance calls.

No pets allowed.

Guest Responsibilities

Guests are asked to wear appropriate attire when in shared living areas. Guests are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and must also be able to take responsibility for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom after using these facilities.Guests should turn off the lights, television and appliances when not in use.

Linens are provided by the Hospital and a hamper in the main bathroom is available for soiled linens. Southeast Hospital will be responsible for cleaning the room (including changing bed linens) after checkout.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in either Guest House. Violation of any Guest House policies and procedures may result in the guest losing the privilege to use the Guest House.

Checking In and Out

To inquire about the availability of Guest House Lodging at Southeast, contact the Social Services Department at 573-651-5549. You may dial Ext. 5549 directly from any of the Hospital’s in-house phones. The Social Services Department is located on the first floor near the Lobby.

To check out over the weekend or after hours, keys and payment should be taken to Patient Registration located off the Hospital's front Lobby, and guests will need to give the patient's name to assure proper check out. Beds should not be made on the day of check out. The Housekeeping staff will do this.