Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts

The Southeast HealthPoint Fitness Martial Arts Program is a proud member of the Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts Institute which has been in Cape Girardeau, Missouri since 1969. Founded by Grandmaster Lee H. Park, this organization teaches the traditional martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and Judo, as well as community self-defense and safety awareness.

Our programs build stronger families and individuals through top-quality martial arts instruction. We offer classes specifically designed for every age group that emphasize fitness, self-defense, and life skills. These benefits will lead to remarkable improvements in academics, careers, and relationships; literally making a better community one black belt at a time.

Lil’ Champions (4-6 Years)

An introductory program designed specifically for children ages 4-6 years of age. Unlike traditional martial arts, the sole focus of this program is to aid the healthy development of young children using martial arts “games” and exercises.

Youth (7-12 Years)

Our exciting, yet disciplined classes focus a child’s attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment, which helps a student’s self-confidence to grown. Students will have opportunities for competition and leadership development.

Adult (13 Years & Older)

A traditional martial art program which focuses equally on fitness, fun and self-defense. Our students learn concepts and receive coaching that keep them on track. It is like having your own personal trainer and success coach all in one.

About the instructor

Nick Slinkard
Nick is certified by the American Martial Arts Sports and Education as a 2nd Degree Black Belt. He is pursuing a degree in exercise science and is also a member of the HealthPoint Fitness staff.

For more information please contact HealthPoint Cape at 573-986-4400.

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