Personal Training

It's not just about lifting weights. It's also about overall fitness: healthy hearts, strong bones, core strength, endurance, stamina, eating right and feeling good.

At HealthPoint Fitness, our personal training staff provides you with the support, expertise and motivation you need to exceed your healthy lifestyle goals above and beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you are new to exercise, want to jump-start your program, want to be pushed to the next level, need some TLC, or desire to learn something new, we'll personalize a program just for you.

Find the inspiration you need to improve your endurance, strength and overall wellness -- mind, body and spirt -- with our personal touch.

Why work with a trainer?

  • Develop an exercise routine specific to your goals
  • Strengthen your core
  • Intense personal attention to tone up
  • Increase your stamina
  • Train for a sport or a race
  • Lose Weight

Personal Training Packages
Packages are available in single sessions for both members and non-members or in several different packages including:

  • Package 1: Five 60-minute sessions
  • Package 2: 10 60-minute sessions
  • Package 3: Five 30-minute sessions
  • Package 4: 10 30-minute sessions

Group Training sessions are also available for two or more for both members and non-members

12 Week Challenge
HealthPoint Fitness Personal Trainers now offer a training program that will capitalize on time spent in the gym, keep you motivated and bring real results! Call Lori Lambert, 573-986-4400, at HealthPoint in Cape or Scott Givens, 573-755-2301, at HealthPoint in Jackson with questions or for more information.

  • Meet with a personal trainer to evaluate your current health and fitness, take measurements and set goals.
  • Choose 30-or 60-minute, supervised, customized workouts based on your fitness levels.
  • Receive workout support, nutrition advice and weekly health tips and information.
  • Work hard for four weeks and re-evaluate.
  • Adjust and tweak the workouts for another four weeks.
  • Push on for the final four weeks, take measurements and celebrate the results!

Personalized Sports Training
Individualized attention can be the key to becoming the best you can be at your sport. Our personal trainers can design a personalized, sport-specific training program to help you reach your goals. Private, sports personal training packages are available in a variety of price ranges. Stop by the Trainer’s Desk for information.

Pediatric Personal Training
Personal training isn't just for adults! Many children need to fine tune their fitness levels to get weight under control, increase their exercise level or obtain sport-specific training. School-age kids can learn healthy eating practices and safe fitness activities which make it fun to get in shape.

For exact prices and scheduling, call HealthPoint in Jackson at 755-2301 or HealthPoint in Cape at 986-4400.