Starting Point

A Lifestyle Approach to Health and Weight Management

Starting Point offers a comprehensive, intensive approach to successful health and weight management. This program is not a quick fix, it is a highly-effective treatment option.

Do you have weight to lose? Is your weight impacting your health? Are you ready to make some life-long changes to how you eat and exercise? Then you are ready for Starting Point, a highly effective program for long-term health and weight management.

The Program

Starting Point is a medically-supervised program for rapid and safe weight loss with skill building to help you learn how to keep off the weight that you have lost. Our emphasis is on health and weight management, not dieting. And since the program has medical supervision, it is ideal for those with or without pre-exisiting medical conditions.


  • Clinical introduction, medical screening, and comprehensive laboratory tests for all treatment options.
  • EKG may be completed based upon medical necessity.

Weekly Sessions

Foundation Sessions

  • Starting Point uses educational materials and a calorie and portion controlled meal replacement from Health and Nutrition Technology for safe, rapid and effective weight loss. The meal replacement, called Health One®, provides the complete U.S Recommended Dietary Allowances for protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Thorough medical monitoring.
  • Weekly educational/behavioral sessions.
  • Physical activity skills enhanced.
  • Loss of 2-4 pounds per week depending on weight loss needs.

Ongoing Practice Sessions

  • A gradual return to eating grocery store foods and individualized meal planning.
  • Learning how many calories you need daily to maintain your goal weight.
  • Practicing new eating and exercise habits.
  • Weekly education/support sessions.
  • Discovering what a lifetime of health and weight management means.

What to Expect

The weight loss phase of the program varies in length depending on how much weight you want to lose. During this time, participants are provided the support, encouragement and knowledge needed to work toward goals. On-going participation during the Practice Sessions is recommended in order to continue practicing the skills necessary to manage your health and weight for a lifetime.

Program Fees

After you enroll, fees are based on your treatment option. Program fees are payable every four weeks during all sessions. Medical fees are due when services are provided. Participants purchase food weekly. Total costs will depend on body mass index (BMI), medical history, and how much weight you want to lose.

For details regarding costs, please attend a scheduled informational meeting or call Raina Childers, MS, RD, LD, Registered Dietitian and HealthPoint , Nutritional Services Coordinator for details at 573-986-4440.