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Membership Information

Summer Membership Options
HealthPoint Fitness offers three month, summer membership options for college students home for the summer. HealthPoint’s Cape Girardeau and Jackson fitness centers provide a cool and comfortable alternative for working out and staying fit during southeast Missouri’s hot, humid summers! Call HealthPoint in Cape at 986-4400 or HealthPoint in Jackson at 755-2301 for information on this special membership option.

Members and guests are reminded to wear appropriate workout attire while in the facility. Bare midriffs may not be exposed while working out on the fitness floor.

Dual Membership
As a member of HealthPoint Fitness, you have unlimited access to our Cape Girardeau and Jackson locations.

Family Times (Cape only)
Your membership entitles you to spend a great family fun-filled day at HealthPoint Fitness. You may bring your children under 13 years old to Family Times and participate in activities from playing basketball in the gym, to swimming, to playing ping-pong (use of weight/cardio equipment is not allowed). Parents must stay with children at all times. No reservations required.
Family Times Hours:
Fridays: 6 PM - 8 PM
Saturdays: 12 PM - 4 PM
Sundays: 1 PM - 3 PM

Front Desk Check-In
All members and guests must check in at the Front Desk with their key card prior to using the facility. Any questions regarding HealthPoint Fitness may be directed to the Front Desk at 986-4400 in Cape or 755-2301 in Jackson.

Guest Policies
HealthPoint Fitness welcomes guests. If you would like to bring a friend or have an out-of-town guest, HealthPoint welcomes them for a $15 fee. This gives them access to all our regular services, except childcare and racquetball. Childcare is available to guests for $4 per child per hour.

Laundry Services (Cape only)
Laundry service is included with locker rental. HealthPoint Fitness cannot be responsible for fading, shrinking, or other damage to clothing during laundering. Please check with the Front Desk staff for locker information.

The following amenities are also available in the locker rooms: towels, hairdryers, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, shaving cream, mouthwash and hairspray. There is also an automatic “Suit Mate” wringer located near the whirlpool and plastic bags to transport your swim suit without getting your other belongings wet.

Lockers are available at no charge on a daily basis. Please bring your own lock to secure your belongings in the locker. Don’t forget to remove your lock by the end of the day or it will be removed by the staff. Lockers also may be rented on a permanent basis; you may want to consider our monthly locker rental.

Lost and Found
If you lose an item please ask the front desk to check the lost and found. Each found item will be saved about 90 days, and then will be donated to a worthy cause.

Member Phone Numbers and Addresses
In the interest of protecting the privacy of all of our members, it is the policy of HealthPoint Fitness not to disclose the home or business phone numbers or addresses of our members. If you have a change in your address or phone number please contact the HealthPoint business office at 986-4400. Members working out in our facility will not be paged for phone calls or messages unless it is an emergency.

New Member Guide
HealthPoint’s ultimate mission is to enhance your health and well-being through innovative programs and services delivered by our friendly and qualified staff. We are passionate about providing you with an enjoyable, invigorating atmosphere in which to work out. We encourage you to take advantage of our varied group exercise activities and personal training opportunities to enhance your individual program. We hope you find this New Member Guide helpful!

No Smoking Policy
HealthPoint is a non-smoking establishment. Use of tobacco of any type is not permitted on the facility grounds.

Sauna (Jackson only)

Television and Radio
No radio or television stations that offer suggestive programming or lyrics will be played in our facilities. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to watch the programs you want while working out. The staff will make the final decision as to what is on the TV, and if there is any conflict the most family-oriented choice will be made. Music is played overhead for those not listening to the television. Cardio Theatre is available at both locations. Members must provide their own headphones. Many of the cardio equipment is equipped with docking stations for MP3 players and flash drives for members preferring to listen to their own music. At the Jackson facility, the Cardio Theatre system on the second floor requires FM headsets to listen to the television. Videos and video games in the nursery will follow the same guidelines. Only "G" rated materials will be used.

Whirlpool, Sauna (Jackson only) and Steam Room (Cape only)
Members are reminded that appropriate attire is required in our whirlpools and steam rooms. Bathing suits are required in the whirlpools and towels must cover you in the steam room. For your safety, please limit time in the steam room to under 10 minutes. HealthPoint Jackson has whirlpool and saunas in each locker room