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Aquatic Physical Therapy

(Cape only)

The warm water pool at HealthPoint Plaza provides a modality for therapist and patient to work out together to achieve optimum goals for rehab. Patients with a variety of diagnoses can benefit from therapy in the pool: myofascial pain syndromes, arthritis, lower back pain, knee or hip pain, or after surgeries on the lower back or lower extremities.  Aquatic therapy can also help those that have had a brain injury, stroke or spinal cord injury.  Pediatric clients with diagnoses such as Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, and motor or sensory delays can benefit from pool therapy as well.Treatments are designed for individual diagnosis with emphasis on strengthening, stretching, balance activities and pain reduction.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

  • Warm water helps relax muscles
  • Buoyancy in the water helps take stress off the back and joints allowing easier movement and exercise
  • The resistance of the water helps strengthen muscles and improves balance by giving added support.

HealthPoint's Aquatic Physical Therapy Program

  • One-on-one therapy between the therapist and the patient the entire time
  • Water depth is three and one-half to five feet, and the patient does not have to get his/her face wet
  • Water temperature is 88 to 90 degrees warm
  • There are steps with hand rails on both sides to enter and exit the pool. A hydraulic lift is also available for those who are unable to use the steps.
  • Towels, lockers and private changing rooms with showers and toilets are available during therapy sessions.
  • By Physician referral and approved by Medicare and most insurance carriers.