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Orthopedics/Sports Medicine

Orthopedic rehabilitation with comprehensive, compassionate care

Physical therapy services are provided for all aspects of orthopedic care. Treatments range from conservative care for mechanical dysfunction to post-surgical rehabilitation.

Care includes individually-designed home exercise programs, joint mobilization, soft tissue stretching, strengthening exercises and therapeutic modalities to improve function and reduce pain. The therapists at Healthpoint Rehab also educate patients about the anatomy, biomechanics, posture, and activity modification as it relates to the disease process. Many of the orthopedic therapists have additional education and training in specialty treatments such as Myofascial Release, Hand Therapy and Kinesiotaping.

With a combination of hands-on treatments and personal attention we are able to help you achieve your goals and lower your risk for re-injury.

After Therapy is over, we can transition you to a lifetime of fitness with your special needs in mind by utilizing our Fitness Coordinator. They will set you up on a program and follow you till you are independent in your new program.

Getting you back to competition

Whether you are a college athlete or weekend warrior, Healthpoint Rehab’s therapists can help with virtually any kind of sports-related musculoskeletal injury. Physical therapy is an effective intervention for many sports injuries including ankle sprains, ACL injuries, rotator cuff and shoulder instabilities, and lumbopelvic dysfunctions.

Treatment will focus on safe progression through the acute phase to sport-specific drills for improving speed, agility and correct mechanics. Athletes will benefit from the ability to continue the transition back to their sport through the specialized training with our fitness staff at HealthPoint Fitness.