Pediatric Therapies

At HealthPoint Rehab, the staff and parents work as a team to help children reach their full potential. Youngsters with orthopedic and neurological challenges, developmental delay and other medically-related therapy needs receive testing and treatment in bright and cheerful, child-oriented surroundings.

The speech, physical and occupational therapists work in collaboration with each other to provide individualized and holistic care to each child.  Physical therapy interventions may be provided in a land based and aquatic environment in order to optimize functional outcomes.

Speech Therapy
Services include evaluation and treatment of children with language and speech problems. Through play therapy, children learn and develop new skills. Speech therapists also work with children challenges by feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Physical Therapy
Services include developmental assessments for gross motor skills and reflexes. Therapists are experienced in the evaluation of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and keep therapy fun through skilled play exercises.

Occupational Therapy
Therapy consists of functional play activities and education to help parents carry out therapy in the home setting.