What is HIT?

HealthPoint in Jackson offers HP HIT, a high intensity training using a variety of methods to challenge and excite our members.  It is designed to improve your strength, stamina, endurance, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility and overall performance.

Each member works at their own level or ability with a goal of seeing measurable improvements.  A variety of activities and equipment  are used to introduce members to new and challenging workouts.

Sign up Process

To sign up for HP HIT, please stop by the front desk at HealthPoint in Jackson. You can pay for an entire month or you may pay by the session. Members can have the monthly be a recurring charge on your bill.

HealthPoint Members - $20/month or $6/session
Non-members - $50/month or $15/session

Our Trainers

Certified HealthPoint Jackson trainers involved with the program:
Chris Kanneberg
Clay Pope
Rachel Biri

Class Schedule

Participants are allowed to attend any of the available sessions. We recommend at least two sessions per week to improve your  fitness levels.  The sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes including an active warm-up.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:15 PM 5:15 AM
4:15 PM
5:15 PM 8:00 AM
4:15 PM
5:15 AM