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Barge on Mississippi River

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Erlbacher to benefit Cardiology and Neonatal ICU

Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

This is an easy viewpoint to find, located at the edge of the road at Cape Rock in Cape Girardeau. Nonetheless, this photograph, at this time of day, with a barge in this location, took years to capture.

Different people bring different experiences to viewing a photograph. For me, this image is all about lighting and composition. A friend I have in the river industry can tell me the name of the towboat, the cargo, the time of year, and the river stage. Talk with people who work on the barges, and their impressions of this photograph will diverge even more from mine. And what would Mark Twain have thought upon seeing this picture? What would an Osage Indian from 250 years ago have thought?

Barge on Mississippi River