Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac RehabCardiac Rehabilitation is provided by Southeast Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation team.

What's involved with Cardiac Rehab?

Through supervised exercise, education and support programs, Southeast's Cardiac Rehabilitation team provides individualized care to help patients accept their conditions, overcome fears, and make appropriate lifestyle changes. Our Cardiac Rehab specialists, trained by some of the nation's leading Cardiac Rehab experts, tailor each rehab program to meet the individual patient's unique needs.

Phase II is offered at SoutheastHEALTH Center of Stoddard County

Phase II of the program operates on an outpatient bases. Patients attend exercise sessions one to three times a week up to 12 weeks. Equipment used is during this phase includes a treadmill, seated stepper, stationary bicycle and an arm ergometer. Educational sessions are also incorporated discussing topics as cardiac risk factors, stress management and low-fat eating. Electrocardiogram monitoring is done on site by a registered nurse. A physician’s order is required for the program.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 573-624-5566 ext. 2021.