SoutheastHEALTH General Surgery
1300 North One Mile Road, Suite 5
Dexter, MO 63841

At Southeast Health Center of Stoddard County, we know the importance of choosing the right place for surgery. Not only do you want the best medical services, but also you wish to receive the attention and respect you and your family deserve.

Southeast Health Center of Stoddard County offers a wide array of surgical services, ranging from inpatient admissions to out-patient visits. Throughout the entire process, from preparing for your procedure to providing after care while you recover from anesthesia and even while sterilizing instruments and supplies, every member of our OR team works hard to ensure a pleasant experience.


Dental: Diagnoses and treats diseases, injuries and defects of the human mouth.

Endoscopy: Uses an endoscope to visually inspect internal body parts.

General Surgery: Wide range of surgical procedures to repair tissues and organs throughout the body.

Laparoscopic Surgery: Minimally invasive approach to common surgery results in a decrease in post-operative pain and complications and shortens the recovery period.

Colon-Rectal Surgery: The removal of a colonic or rectal tumor as well as the effected surrounding tissue.

As the name implies, less complicated surgeries and the initial recuperation period occur on the same day. Upon arriving at the hospital, the patients are greeted by the registered nurses who help with the surgery and receive an assessment by the nurse anesthetist, After surgery and a brief visit to the recovery room, patients return to the same day surgery unit to rest and eat a meal. Once recovered, patients are free to go home.

Sometimes, patients are well enough to be released from the hospital but require continued treatment, such as IV antibiotics or blood transfusions. These types of services can be easily given in our out-patient area. Here, patients receive their medication in a timely fashion and can go about the rest of their day.

This is the heart of the operating room. For more complicated procedures, patients depend on the finely tuned, trained staff at Southeast Health Center of Stoddard County. After this kind of surgery, patients are admitted to the hospital, where they spend an average of three-to-five days recuperating.