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Students of the Month at Jackson Middle School

November 2013

November 2013

Ms. Oliver salutes Hunter Large
When I was given the opportunity to select a student of the month, it was pretty simple to choose. Hunter Large stands out among his classmates for his commitment to academic excellence, his wonderful creativity, and his engaging personality. Hunter currently has a 99% in English Language Arts, and it is largely due to his detail-oriented work ethic. He consistently asks questions for clarification and challenges himself to go above and beyond to submit a quality product for each assignment. Hunter’s critical thinking skills are also well-honed and are demonstrated through his contribution to class discussion or his constructed responses. Even though creativity does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with intelligence, Hunter is blessed with both. His recent narrative was both enjoyable and entertaining to read. I hope whatever career path Hunter chooses for his future that writing is a huge part. And finally, fourth hour never passes without Hunter saying hello or telling me a story. His confident and personable nature always brightens my day. Congratulations to you, Hunter. You are definitely a role model for your fellow classmates.

Mrs. Miller salutes Joe Panagos
Joe deserves to be student of the month because of his hard work and dedication to school. Joe is always willing to help his teachers and others. He never gives up and keeps trying to do his best. Joe follows directions every time he is asked to do something. Joe always tries to go above and beyond.

Ms. Reynolds salutes Terra Rouse
Terra deserves this award because of her outstanding academic scores. She works very hard at playing the French horn and practices hard to make sure she excels at it. She always has a positive attitude, even when things get difficult.  

Mrs. Lohr salutes Taylor Goodson
Taylor is a great student! She quietly completes her work and always knows what to do when finished. She is willing to work with anyone in the class and is always able to help me.

Mrs. Reinecke salutes Ethan York
“Ethan is a hard-working young man.  His scores in Language Arts are top-notch, and he is always prepared and ready to learn.  In addition, Ethan is respected by his peers.  He conducts himself in a mature manner, and I enjoy having him in my class this year.  Ethan is most deserving of this award!

Ms. Reyna salutes Amber Donze
Amber is an outstanding student who exceeds my expectations.  She consistently scores high on assignments and assessments thanks not only to her natural ability in foreign languages, but also her dedication to her studies.  She is a diligent, reliable student who is always prepared for class and takes her work very seriously.  Amber is kind, polite, and mature.  She always greets me with a smile.  She is a fantastic young lady and I am proud to nominate Amber for Student of the Month!

Ms. Strothman salutes Carolina O’Bryan
Carolina is always striving to help out in the classroom and to help others.  She is always asking questions because she wants to understand thing that she didn’t understand the first time.  She takes the initiative to ask for extra work to practice at home and on her own time.  She comes in with a smile every day and is ready to make the most of it.

Coach Glueck salutes Malerie Owens
Malerie is a “ray” of sunshine in my PE class and at Jackson Middle School.  She gives 100% and never questions.  Malerie looks at life with a big smile.  She is a wonderful athlete and an amazing young lady!!

Mr. Fliege salutes Alison Duckworth
Alison has had a fantastic start on learning to play the oboe.  She started this summer, and since then has continued to practice and improve.  This instrument is considered one of the most challenging, but her fine musical skills and determination have allowed her to become really good quickly.  It should also be noted that as the only oboist at JMS, she does all of her oboe work independently.  Besides her oboe playing ability, Alison also has a great attitude, is polite, helpful and dependable.  She has consistently exceeded the expectations we have for our beginning band students at Jackson Middle School.

Ms. Parker salutes Ashley Barringer
Ashley has a positive attitude every day.  She is pleasant to work with and always puts forth great effort in her work.  Her projects are always well done.  She is a well-rounded, great student that is totally worthy of being Student of the Month.