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Making a Difference for Women of All Ages

At Southeast Hospital, we don't just deliver babies. We deliver health services for women of all ages.

Women have special health care needs, and our women's services are specifically designed for those needs.

In fact, many of the services have been developed by women. Women who know what it's like to have something as serious as breast cancer. 

Women who know what a positive difference shaping up can make.

Women who know that life's little stresses can be made a lot more bearable by sharing some of those bumps along life's roadway with others.

Medical and Educational Services

Specialized medical services for women at Southeast include Gynecology and Gynecological Surgery and surgery and treatment for breast cancer. It's natural for women to have concerns about some of these procedures. We know that. Our understanding staff is always available to answer questions or just listen for a while. Breast cancer patients with secondary lymphedema find the specialized help they need at Southeast.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

The Hospital also regularly hosts programs of special interest to women - on health topics such as menopause, osteoporosis and diabetes, and lifestyle topics such as caring for aging parents and sensible dieting.