Knee Pain Relief for Men and Women at Southeast Hospital

In much the same way a tailor uses personal measurements to construct a well-fitted suit or dress, an orthopedic surgeon is now able to custom fit a knee replacement to better match a patient’s anatomy.

This new method of orthopedic knee replacement technology provides an improved knee implant fit, preserves more of the patient’s own bone and ligaments and shortens recovery time.

Cape Girardeau orthopedic surgeons employ this new method. The Custom Fit Total Knee™ replacement with OtisKnee™ uses an MRI to take very precise measurements of the patient’s knee.

The information is used to build a three-dimensional model of the patient’s knee, then virtually corrects the deformity of the knee anatomy to normal. After that, a computerized 3-D image of the replacement parts to be used in the surgery is matched to the virtual model. That information is used to create plastic guides that fit on the patient’s knee and tell the surgeon exactly where to cut the bone for the implant. The result is a less-invasive surgery and a more precise-fitting knee.

Dr. William Kapp explains that many factors make each patient’s knees unique, such as: age, lifestyle, weight, ethnicity and gender. “They all can have a tremendous impact on the success of total knee replacement,” Dr. Kapp says. “Now, with the OtisKnee™ method, we can take into account all of the patient’s individual physical characteristics when performing knee-replacement surgery.

“With the custom-fit approach, the size and placement of the implant is preplanned, allowing the surgery to be done quickly and accurately. Our patients spend less time under anesthesia, have no additive risk of cardiopulmonary complications and have less bone removed from the femur [thighbone]. What’s more, recovery time is reduced while comfort improves and range of motion increases.”

If you are a candidate for knee replacement surgery, discuss the Custom Fit Knee™ by OtisKnee™ with your physician.

To learn more, check out the OtisKnee Website.