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21st Century Partners

Thanks to 21st Century Partners and families

21 Century PartnersWith a planned gift, you can keep on giving far into the future to help carry out the mission of Southeast Hospital. 21st Century Partners have designated Southeast as a beneficiary through a gift of an insurance policy, a bequest, a charitable remainder trust, gift annuities, deferred payment gift annuities, gift of remainder interest in a personal residence, farm, or other real property, and charitable income trust.

Donors who make planned or deferred gifts to the Foundation may receive tax and/or income benefits. Some types of planned gifts result in lifetime incomes for the donor and/or other beneficiaries. Some may entail reduction of income taxes, capital gains taxes and estate taxes.

If you wish to provide a legacy to the region's healthcare future, we invite you to join the 21st Century Partners who are already planning a gift to Southeast. You may actually further your own financial goals as well!

Dr. & Mrs. Riley Adams
F. J.* & Lula* Armstrong
Ilena M. Aslin
Richard & Judy Aslin
Dr.* & Mrs.* Seth S. Barnes
Mr.* & Mrs.* John L. Blue
Mr.* & Mrs.* Carlston Bohnsack
Cynthia A. Boren
Nancy Ann Bray
Mr.* & Mrs.* Paul L. Bray
Howard G. Brown*
Mary Burton
Ms. Pat Chamness*
Dr.* & Mrs. Jean A. Chapman
Mr.* & Mrs.* Delmar A. Cobble
Mr.* & Mrs.* Lee G. Cochran
Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Cooper
Dr. & Mrs. Tommy E. Cupples
Mr.* & Mrs.* Alfred Daniel
Mr.* & Mrs.* Arthur F. Deneke
Mr. Wayne Harrison Dillow*
Mr.* & Mrs.* Paul Ebaugh
Mrs. A.M. Estes*
Charles F* & Lulu M* Fluhrer
Walter A.* & Elsie* Funk
Melvin M.* &  Evelyn M.* Haertling
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hahs
T. Ronald & Beverly K. Hahs
Ms. Edna Haman*
Richard & Helen Hammond
Mr.* & Mrs. Robert D. Harrison
Mrs. Imogene Hastings*
Mr. & Mrs.*  William H. Headrick
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Hecht
Mr.* & Mrs.* Jack E. Himmelberger
Mr.* & Mrs.* Harry I. Himmelberger
Winifred R. Hirsch
Ms. Cora Hoffmeister*
Mr.* & Mrs.* Charles A. Hood
Etta Belle Howland*
Charles* and Judi Hutson
Mr.* & Mrs.* Glenn J. Hutson
Dr. Christopher H. Jung
Ms. Edna Boyce Kassel*
Mrs. Eda M. Kaufman*
Mr. & Mrs.* William A. Kiehne
Lillian Kies*
George W. Kimbel*
Fred W. & Carol Koeppel
J. T. Jack Lamkin
Mr. Elmer P. Lind*
J. Hugh* & Marietta* Logan
Omer C. Lyles*
Dr.* & Mrs. Cleo W. Mabrey
H. Weldon* & Bonnie Macke
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Martin
Bob & Alene Matthews
D. Joseph & Barbara A. McKeon
Sharon A. McNeely
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Meyer
Mr.* & Mrs.* Paul C. Miles
Mr.* & Mrs. Robert W. Morehead
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Myles
Bob & Bari Neff - Ford Groves
Clara D. Newman*
Sylvester* & Marguerite* Nothdurft
Lawrence A. Nowak*
Evalyn Nunley*
Ms. Millicent A. O'Connell*
Ms. Marie L. Oberheide*
Dr.* & Mrs.* William Oehler
Mr.* & Mrs. John L. Oliver, Jr.
Dr. Adelaide & Mr. Robert Parsons
Jake* & Esther* Pollack
Mr. R.B. Potashnick*
Mr.* & Mrs. A.D. Price
Mr.* & Mrs.* Narvol A. Randol, Sr.
Dr.* & Mrs.* Harold B. Rapp
Ermine Rasche-Kies*
Mathilda E. Jaeger Rau*
Paul* & Jean* Zimmerman Rau
Mr.* & Mrs.* Walter G. Renne
Mr.* & Mrs.* Ben H. Roberts
Edna Evans Rogers*
Martin* & Charlotte* Roth
James A. & Beverly Rust
William* & Reva* Sample
William A.* & Martina K. Scott
L.W. Simmons*
Gladys D. Simpson*
Mrs. Ruby M. Statler
Mr. & Mrs. J. Charles Stotz
Stephen E. & Patricia F. Strom
Dr. Gwen & Mr. O. Lee Thoma
C. Wm. "Bill" & Brigitta Tinsley
Howard* & Frances* Tooke
Mrs. Leona Trimble*
Robert Velander, M.D. & Jan Kohlfeld Velander
Mr. Leonard H. Vogel*
Viola Boyce Vogel*
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Wente
Mr.* & Mrs. Paul R. Williams
Tony & Claudia Williams
John H. Wiseman*

* Deceased