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Littlest Angels

Littlest Angels

Through a generous donation by the Cape County Memorial Park, a Share Grief

Support memorial area is located at the cemetery.

The area has been designated "Littlest Angels" and is for the exclusive use of parents whose baby died before the 20th week of pregnancy.

The Share Grief Support Memorial Area is located in the rear center portion of the park. A beautiful bronze marker donated by Share parents is located at the burial site. Flowers and other items may be taken to the marker.

Infant burials are performed four times a year -- during the last weeks of March, June, September and December. Parents are asked to wait until the first week of the following month to visit the gravesite. There are no formal graveside services. Parents may have their own private se

rvice at the littlest angel area if they wish. Parents are asked to call the Memorial Park Cemetery office at 573-334-1909 to inform them of the desire to have a service.