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A glance through the decades of service


The financial tide for the Hospital turned in the 1940s, and by the end of 1945 Southeast - for the first time in its history - was at a point when surplus money was available for debt retirement.
1948 - the Hospital was declared debt-free.

There was lengthy discussion among the Board of Trustees about meeting only once a year since its function was largely negated. But what won out was the suggestion of one Board member to "start planning a 40-bed addition and get Southeast back in debt! However, a pressing need for a separate laundry and heating plant resulted in the go-ahead for that project rather than a patient addition.

By the late 1940s, admissions at Southeast were increasing by an annual rate of 7 to 10%. Many days, only extreme emergency cases could be given a bed.


The time for major expansion had arrived. A public subscription campaign launched to raise $350,000 toward construction costs for a new addition. The campaign didn't raise $350,000, but brought in an amazing $484,000.

New addition doubled  bed capacity at hospital.1957 - The newly completed addition doubled the bed capacity of Southeast to about 153 beds and included five operating rooms as well as ancillary services.


1963 - Hospital occupancy on Medical-Surgical units was 93 % for nine months. Many of those patients required specialized care. In response to that need, the region's first Intensive Care Unit was established at Southeast.

1967 - Southeast offered the area's first Cobalt unit, at that time a powerful weapon against cancer.

Hospital on the grow again in 1970s and 1980s