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Medical Staff Services (MSS)

Medical Staff professionals around the world assist their respective Medical Staffs as they carry out their responsibility for oversight of the care, treatment, and services provided by practitioners with privileges to practice in the hospital setting and in hospital-owned clinics. The Medical Staff is a self-governing body that reports to and is accountable to the hospital’s governing body. Our Medical Staff Credentialers are instrumental in making that happen.

Committee and Department Meetings of the Medical Staff managed by MSS staff are greatly dependent upon guidance from Medical Staff Leadership, Administration  and leaders in each of the clinical and ancillary departments within the Hospital.

Just as an employee applies for the position that gives them authorization to work at the hospital, so does the physician who wants to make use of the hospital’s facility to care for his patients. A Medical Staff Credentialer performs an investigation of the statements made by the physician in the application and provides that information to the Medical Staff Leaders responsible for determining whether or not the physician may practice at the Hospital and the privileges he will be allowed to exercise.

This activity, teamed with the peer review process guided by the Quality Management Department, serves to fulfill the Hospital’s responsibility to ensure that physicians permitted to practice at the facility are highly qualified and to protect the public from acts of negligence by members of the Medical Staff. Credentialers Gloria Vaughn, Diana Testa, Kari Gaskill, and Heather Hileman work cooperatively with Medical Quality Analyst Laura Saupe, BSN, RN, CPHQ, to assure these responsibilities are met on an ongoing basis.

Questions or concerns may be forwarded to Medical Staff Services by phone 573-651-5535, by fax 573-986-5978, or by email (gvaughn@sehealth.org). The Medical Staff Services Department reports to and depends upon guidance from the Chief Medical Officer, D. Matthew Shoemaker, DO.