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Students of the Month at Central Middle School

March 2015

Southeast Hospital supports our Adopt A School, Central Middle School. Each Month, we participate in their Student of the Month ceremony, handing out special Orange Ribbons to the winners.

March 2015 Students of the Month - 5th Grade


Breiana Harris – Mrs. Branch
Breiana Harris is Student of the Month for Mrs. Branch’s class.  Breiana a such a sweet, loving student. Bre is an excellent role model every day for her classmates. She is kind, forgiving, and hardworking. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our class, Bre! I am blessed to spend each day with you!

Alex Neikirk – Mr. Brown
The student of the month for Mr. Brown’s class is Alex Neikirk. Alex is a good role model for others because he is polite and friendly to everyone at CMS. He is excellent at staying on task and making the most of his instructional time. Alex has been on the honor roll each quarter this year. Alex is a great all-around student and I am honored to have him in my class.

Kenan Bell – Ms. Cuba
Kenan Bell is Student of the Month for Ms. Cuba’s class.   Kenan is such a joy to have in my class. He has made such an impact on me, as a teacher, and many other individuals. Kenan has made many positive improvements since his first day here at CMS. He is always willing to help out in the classroom and does it with a smile on his face. Kenan brings such a positive energy to this class as well as many laughs! I am so proud of Kenan and all his hard work. He has matured so much this year and is a great role model. Kenan, I am so proud of you! Never lose your ability to bring a smile to someone’s face. I enjoy all the laughs you have brought me this year!

Rileigh Stevens – Mrs. Green
Mrs. Green is proud to announce that Rileigh Stevens is the Student of the Month for her class! Rileigh always does her best work and works hard to follow our CMS expectations for learning and behavior. Rileigh is fun-loving and brightens our days. We are proud to have Rileigh in our class! Congratulations, Rileigh!

Nate Margenthaler – Mrs. Hecht
Mrs. Hecht's class is proud to nominate Nate Margenthaler as our March Student of the Month. Nate has gained so much confidence this year and has really blossomed as a student. He is always engaged in lessons.....offering his opinions and insight into the topic we are discussing. Nate has a great attitude, works hard, and is fun to be around. Thanks for being you, Nate! I am so proud to be your teacher!!!!!

Madason Wells – Mrs. Hunter
Mrs. Hunter's student of the month is Madason Wells. Madason is a kind, sweet young lady. She never fails to say good morning with a smile on her face. She always ROARs at CMS in all settings. Keep up the good work, Madason!!

Gage Moore – Mrs. McAlister
The Student of the Month for Mrs. McAlister’s class is awarded to Gage Moore. Gage was chosen by his peers.  Gage's peers said, he is always helpful, has a great personality, always follows the expectations, and always has a smile on his face. He is dependable, observant, and always willing to help a peer out. Gage is an AWESOME young man! Way to go, Gage!

Marsellas Odomes – Mr. Musial
Mr. Musial's student of the month is Marsellas Odomes. This student works very hard on all his practice. Marsellas takes great pride in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Seeing Marsellas grow and succeed in my class has been a joy. He always has a smile and laugh. I am proud to have Marsellas in my class, keep up the good work.

Kiara Parker – Mrs. Nugent
Kiara Parker is Student of the Month for Mrs. Nugent’s class.  Kiara is a thoughtful young lady and a wonderful asset to our class. She is a very hard worker and is always willing to help out in the classroom. Kiara has worked hard this year making sure that her work is completed on time while constantly displaying ROARing behaviors in all settings. Everyone at CMS can benefit from the examples set by her daily. Way to go, Kiara!

Camille Malo – Mrs. Radake
Camille Malo is Student of the Month for Mrs. Radake’s class.  Camille has done a great job being a respectful, responsible, safe student while in my classroom. She is one that I am constantly pointing out to others as a good role model. I am so thankful that Camille is in my class, and I have loved watching her grow this year. Keep up the great work, Camille!!

Ethan Kight – Mrs. Schroeder
Ethan Kight is Student of the Month for Mrs. Schroeder’s class.  Ethan is such a joy to have in class and he loves to read. When Ethan finishes his work, I know that I will find him reading. He has such a kind heart and can always make me smile. I wish everyone could spend some time with Ethan. Thank you for setting such a great example of what it means to be a ROAR student. Our class wouldn't be the same without you.

Katherine Ingram – Mr. Veltri
Katherine Ingram is Student of the Month for Mr. Veltri’s class.  Katie is always on task and is responsible for her work by having her practice done on time. She is very organized by having her planner filled out daily. I can expect her to be on task during group work and while working on individual assignments. She excels in her studies and is liked by her classmates. Way to go, Katie!

Jacob Gary – Ms. Wigfall
Jacob Gary is Student of the Month for Ms. Wigfall’s class. He ROARed in the month of February. Many teachers bragged on his good behavior and friendly personality. I enjoyed receiving the positive comments about Jacob's good choices and good progress. He worked at keeping his grades up and even read his library books while waiting for class to start. I love the great changes he made. Way to go, Jacob!

Nicholas Stearns – Mrs. Wischmann
Nick Stearns is Student of the Month for Mrs. Wischmann’s class. Nick has one of the most amazing personalities. He always tries his very best and never hesitates to help his classmates. Nick greets me every morning with a smile that he continues to wear all day. We would all agree that our class just wouldn't be the same without Nick!

March 2015 Students of the Month - 6th Grade


Sophia Jones – Mr. Bradshaw
Sophia Jones is Mr. Bradshaw’s student of the month. Sophia has had a fantastic 6th grade year. She is a bright, hardworking, goal-driven student, and her dedication to education is evident in all of her classes through quality of work and depth of understanding. Sophia has made the A honor roll during both the first and second quarters. Her passion for education shines through in her daily life and her drive to be successful. Sophia is very helpful in the classroom, always participates in class discussions, always carries a smile, and a “hello, Mr. Bradshaw” is always on the agenda. Sophia has been the epitome of safe, respectful, and responsible. She will be an asset to the junior high. Keep up the great work, Sophia!

Sa’Miya Johnson – Mrs. Brown
The Student of the Month from Mrs. Brown's class is Sa'Miya Johnson.  Sa'Miya comes to school every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She puts her best effort into everything she does. Sa'Miya is respectful to adults and treats her classmates with kindness and compassion. I can always count on her to be doing the right thing, no matter what anyone else may be doing. Sa'Miya is a very valued member of our class, and we are blessed to have her! Congratulations, Sa'Miya!

Elizabeth Turk – Mrs. Dugan
Elizabeth Turk is Student of the Month for Mrs. Dugan’s class.  Lizzy is a fun-loving and outgoing young lady. She enjoys helping out around the classroom, buddy teaching with her classmates, and trying her best to keep others on task. I love how Lizzy is never afraid to ask questions. We're so lucky to have such a ROAR student in our class! Keep it up, Lizzy.

Jenna McAbee – Mrs. Fritsch
Jenna McAbee is the student of the month for Mrs. Fritsch’s class. Jenna is a quiet, polite, hard-working young lady who comes to school ready to learn. Jenna follows all expectations and ROARs every day. Thank you, Jenna. I am so glad you are in my class!

Jocelyn King – Mrs. Newman
Mrs. Newman's Student of the Month is Jocelyn King! Jocelyn is my assistant in the classroom. She's always quick to ask if I need help doing anything. I can depend on her. On top of taking initiative to help others, she's responsible for her actions and completing her work. Jocelyn's sense of humor and silliness make others laugh...thank you for that! I'm excited to see your bright future! Congratulations, Jocelyn!!

Adrienne Vincent – Mrs. Parker
Adrienne Vincent is Student of the Month for Mrs. Parker’s class.  Not only is she smart earning top grades but she is also extremely friendly. I have witnessed many times kind words and actions to her peers in class. Adrienne always has a smile on her face and she is fun to be around. Congratulations, Adrienne!

Destiny Jones – Mrs. Poteete
Destiny Jones is Student of the Month for Mrs. Poteete’s class. I am so very proud of just how loud Destiny ROARS! She is not only respectful and well-mannered, but is also respected by her peers. She is quick to ask a question if she needs help, and works hard in her classes to understand the content. I trust Destiny will carry on these roaring traits as she moves on to the Junior High next year. Way to go, Destiny!

Kayleigh Turk – Mrs. Stevens1
Kayleigh Turk is Student of the Month for Mrs. Stevens’s class.  What can I say about Kayleigh? She is just an all-around, fantastic, responsible, respectful, safe, organized, cheerful, very mature young lady who is going to do great things with her life!!!  Kayleigh has such a positive outlook on everything, and as I said before, she is wise and mature beyond her years. She has a way of making everyone see the positive side of things. I am so honored to be her teacher this year. Congratulations, Kayleigh!!!

Grayson Jones – Mrs. Stevens2
Grayson Jones is Student of the Month for Mrs. Stevens’s class.  Grayson is a hardworking and dedicated student that follows school and classroom expectations. She is quick to help students in need and assists in the classroom whenever needed. Grayson likes to be organized and stay on top of things. She also loves to make others smile and lift up her peers, she is definitely a bucket filler. I feel blessed to be Grayson's teacher this year! Awesome job!

Paul Kitchen – Mrs. Valleroy
Paul Kitchen is Student of the Month for Mrs. Valleroy’s class.  Paul is a mature young man with a bright future. Paul can always be counted on to follow the expectations no matter where he is. Paul works hard to maintain high grades and takes pride in having those good grades. He is always willing to help fellow students when they are struggling. He is also always willing to help with community service projects.  Nice Job, Paul !!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erika Hughes – Ms. Wagner
Ms. Wagner's class voted Erika Hughes as their student of the month. A large majority of students explained that Erika is always nice to everyone and extremely thoughtful about the feelings and needs of others. They also said that Erika tries very hard in all of her classes and it is something that they try to emulate. Erika never, ever gets in trouble because she is always ROARing. Erika, thank you for being the outstanding person that your classmates look to for guidance.

Veronica Garrett – Mrs. Werner / Mrs. Opel
Veronica Garrett is Mrs. Werner's and Mrs. Opel's student of the month. Veronica is an excellent student whose hard work and drive reflect her personality and academics. Veronica is kind to her peers and is always respectful. Veronica loves writing and has an incredible talent in art that will take her far one day. We really enjoy having Veronica in class and watching her grow as a student and a person.