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Students of the Month at Central Middle School

September 2014

Southeast Hospital supports our Adopt A School, Central Middle School. Each Month, we participate in their Student of the Month ceremony, handing out special Orange Ribbons to the winners.

September 2014 Student of the Month - 5th Grade


Mrs. Branch salutes Skylar Brown
Skylar Brown is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Branch’s class.  Skylar is a wonderful part of our class. We can count on Skylar to be a great friend and role model every single day.  Skylar’s sweet smile and fun personality makes him a great student and a joy to teach.  Keep it up, Skylar!!

Mr. Brown salutes Ethan Groves
Ethan Groves is the Student of the Month for Mr. Brown’s class.  Ethan is a good role model for others because he has a positive attitude and puts forth his best effort for each lesson activity.  He is capable of staying on task and being a good leader in group activities.  Ethan follows our PBIS expectations in and out of the classroom.  I am blessed to have Ethan in my class.

Ms. Cuba salutes Haley Creg
Haley Creg is the Student of the Month for Ms. Cuba’s class.  Haley is a thoughtful young lady and a wonderful asset to our class.  She is a very hard worker and is always willing to help out in the classroom.   She works hard making sure that her work is completed with perfection.  This young lady always has a smile on her face and has such positive energy.  Everyone at CMS can benefit from the example that Haley shows daily.

Mrs. Green salutes Kenshin Chiba
Kenshin Chiba is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Green’s class.  Kenshin consistently demonstrates our PBS expectations and does his best all of the time.  Kenshin has a great attitude and always has a smile on his face!  He’s a good friend to his classmates and is always willing to help.  We are proud to call Kenshin a member of our class family!

Mrs. Hecht salutes Tambria Wilson
Tambria Wilson is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Hecht’s class.  Tambria is an absolute sweetheart.  She is so kind, polite, and helpful.  Tambria follows all school and classroom expectations the first time they are given.  She participates in class and puts forth her best effort in every activity.  I am so lucky to be her teacher this year!

Mrs. Hunter salutes Liam Gorman
Liam Gorman is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Hunter’s class.  I am so lucky to have this young man in my classroom.  He came to CMS ready to ROAR from the start!  He is a great student, role model, and friend. Keep up the good work Liam!

Mrs. McAlister salutes Courtney Cannon
Courtney Cannon is the Student of the Month for Mrs. McAlister’s class.  Courtney was chosen by her peers. She is always smiling and eager to help.  She is always kind to others, works hard, encouraging, and follows our expectations.  Courtney always tries her hardest.  It is a joy to have Courtney  in our class this year!

Mr. Musial salutes Kierra Johnson
Kierra Johnson is the Student of the Month for Mr. Musial’s class.  Kierra is always eager to learn and get her practice finished.  She is responsible with her planner and extra practice, Organized with her folders and binder, Always safe in all areas of the school, and Respectful to everyone around her.  It is a pleasure to have Keirra in my class.

Mrs. Nugent salutes Mariel Bisher
Mariel Bisher is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Nugent’s class.  Mariel is a thoughtful young lady and a wonderful asset to our class.  She is a very hard worker and is always willing to help out in the classroom.  Mariel has started off this year making sure that her work is completed on time while constantly displaying ROARing behaviors in all settings.  Everyone at CMS can benefit from the examples set by her daily.  Way to go, Mariel!

Mrs. Radake salutes Nick Hodges
Nick Hodges is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Radake’s class.  Nick makes my day each and every day.  He always has on a smile and works his hardest at everything I ask him to do.  He is a great example of a student that always ROARS.  Thank you for all you do Nick! 

Mrs. Schroeder salutes Madison Gantt
Madison Gantt is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Schroeder’s class.  Madison is such a joy to have in class.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand.  I look forward to seeing her sweet smile each and every day.  Thank you for being such a positive part of our class and making each day wonderful, Madison!

Mr. Veltri salutes Gracie Stricker
Gracie Stricker is the Student of the Month for Mr. Veltri’s class.  Gracie is always following ROAR classroom expectations by staying on task and participating in group discussions.  She works well with her team during cooperative learning and makes it a priority to always finish her practice.  She is smiling daily and is a positive member of the class!  Good job Gracie!

Mrs. Wischmann salutes Johnathan Ferreri
Johnathan Ferreri is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Wischmann’s class.  Johnathan is an awesome student who has the determination to do his best all the time.  I love his sense of humor and his willingness to always help his classmates.  He constantly makes good choices and sets an excellent example for his peers.  I'm so lucky to have you in my class, Johnathan!

Ms. Wigfall salutes Sage Russell
Sage Russell is the Student of the Month for Ms. Wigfall’s class.  Since the first day of school I could tell he was ready to ROAR here at CMS.  Sage is Respectful, Responsible, and Safe in all settings.  In the classroom he follows instructions and participates in group.  I am so happy to be his homeroom teacher.  Thank you, Sage.

September 2014 Student of the Month - 6th Grade


Mr. Bradshaw salutes Bailey Vangilder
Bailey Vangilder is the Student of the Month for Mr. Bradshaw’s class.  Bailey is a bright, hardworking, goal driven student, and her dedication to education is evident in all of her classes through quality of work and depth of understanding.  Her passion for education shines through in her daily life and her drive to be successful. Bailey enjoys her classmates and is proving to be a leader.   She is respectful and respected by her teachers and fellow students.   Bailey, thank you for all of your contributions to the Central Middle School.

Mrs. Brown salutes Avery Sigmon
Avery Sigmon is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Brown’s class.  Avery has a very positive attitude.  She approaches each day with a smile on her face.  Since day 1, Avery has put her best into everything she does.  I know that I can count on her to be a role model for her classmates!  I am so lucky to have Avery in my class this year! 

Mrs. Dugan salutes Delaney Shaffer
Delaney Shaffer is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Dugan’s class.  Delaney is a very sweet and conscientious young lady.  Since day one, she has jumped in to assist her classmates and myself while staying uber- focused on anything she does.  Delaney's not afraid to ask for help or confirmation when needed.  I'm super excited to have Delaney in my class.  What a ROAR student!

Mrs. Fritsch salutes Tyler Gibbs
Tyler Gibbs is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Fritsch’s class.  Tyler comes to school every day ready to learn.  He follows all expectations and is a great example for all students to follow. Tyler truly exemplifies what it means to “ROAR” at CMS.  I am proud to have Tyler in my class!

Mrs. Parker salutes Reeanna Foster
Reeanna Foster is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Parker’s class.   Reeanna is such a pleasure to teach.  I am extremely fortunate to teach her math again this year.  She always gives her best effort and earns top grades.  Reeanna is friendly and helpful to everyone in the class.  She is truly the nicest person.  Congratulations Reeanna!

Mrs. Poteete salutes Abby Arbeiter
Abby Arbeiter is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Poteet’s class.  Only having taught Abby for a short time has not hindered her personality and strong work ethic from showing brightly.  Abby is a responsible, organized, and very respectful student.  Whether she knows it or not, her R. O. A. R. characteristics make her a leader within my homeroom as well as the entire school.  I am so excited to be teaching Abby this year, and just know that she will be teaching me just as much in return!  Yeah Abby!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Newman salutes Landon Pearson
Landon Pearson is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Newman’s class.  Landon is such a stand-up guy!  Wow...so mature and so responsible for his actions & academics.  I can't say enough about the great first impression I have of Landon.  He is a role model to every student in this school. Landon, I can't wait to see how bright your future is!

Mrs. Stevens 1 salutes Mallory Cook
Mallory Cook is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Steven’s class.  Mallory is an amazing example of a student that ROARs every day. She starts each day with a bright smile and cheery attitude. She is always responsible, organized, safe, and respectful. I know I can count on Mallory to always do the right thing even when no one is watching. It is a pleasure to have Mallory in our class. Congratulations, Mallory!

Mrs. Stevens 2 salutes Sarah Mckinley Davis
Sarah Mckinley Davis is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Steven’s class.  I would like to nominate Sarah Mckinley because she is a tremendous ROAR student.  She listens well, follows directions, pays attention and she is quick to help out any friend or neighbor in need.  She is such a delight to have in class as she wears a beautiful smile and is very polite by using her manners of please and thank you.  She is always volunteering to do extra things around the classroom as she sees fit (ex. filing papers).  She has been on her "A" game from day 1!

Mrs. Valleroy salutes Nathan Boerboom
Nathan Boerboom is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Valleroy’s class.  Nathan is kind, considerate young man with great manners and work ethic.  He works hard to get all of his work turned in on time and to his maximum potential.  He is quick to get out a book and read whenever there is a spare moment.  He is kind and helpful to everyone.  He has and continually uses great manners during the school day.  Nathan Boerboom is an excellent role model for others.  

Ms. Wagner salutes JayKiya Turner
JayKiya Turner is the Student of the Month for Ms. Wagner’s class.  JayKiya quickly stood out as a student that is going to make it a great year with her heartwarming smile, great work ethic, and ability to be a perfect role model for her classmates.  With some of the top scores, it is evident that she listens closely in class and puts her education at the top of her priority list.  I am very excited to spend the year getting to know JayKiya and watching her do great things!

Mrs. Werner salutes Yuktee Srikant
Yuktee Srikant is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Werner’s class.  Yuktee is a smart, polite, kind and respectful young lady.  She never complains about hard work and gives 100% on all her school work. Yuktee completes all her assignments on time and obeys all CMS rules.  She sets such a good example in our class by listening and following all directions.  She is a leader and we are blessed to have her in our classroom.  Congratulations  Yuktee