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Arrhythmia & Cardiac  Electrophysiology

Electrophysiology is a field of diagnostic medicine devoted to the research and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. The Arrythmia and Cardiac Electrophysiology Center at Southeast Hospital was the first in the region to offer electrophysiology services and recently expanded its services giving Southeast the ability to offer treatment for a full range of arrhythmias and other heart-related disorders. These treatments include medications, pacemakers, defibrillators, radiofrequency and cryotherapy ablations which can be used to treat the most therapy resistant cases of arrhythmia.

The Electrophysiology Lab at Southeast was the first in the area to coordinate a hybrid open heart epicardial ablation with the Southeast Cardiovascular Surgery Team, adding to Southeast’s reputation for providing cutting edge technologies for the treatment of arrhythmia. Southeast’s Arrhythmia and Cardiac Electrophysiology Center is staffed with an electrophysiologist (a board-certified cardiologist who specializes in electrophysiology), an advanced nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a radiographer and technicians who have received electrophysiology training.

Southeast Hospital’s electrophysiology facilities offer safe and efficient delivery of care for patients with arrhythmia related problems. The Electrophysiology Lab is equipped with operating room laminar airflow for enhanced sterility and features biplane fluoroscopic imaging capabilities for complex catheter ablations as well as state-of-the-art intracardiac monitoring and recording equipment. Southeast’s Electrophysiology Lab is also equipped with the “EP Navigator” system which is one of the most advanced technologies available to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias. Only a handful of medical facilities nationwide have electrophysiology facilities that are as well equipped as those at Southeast Hospital.

EP Lab