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Sibling Class

Sibling Class helps prepare brothers and sisters

For children ages 3 to 9 that are expecting a new baby brother or sister. Registration required.

This class is designed with the soon to be big brother or big sister in mind.  Realizing that although this may be an especially exciting time for mom and dad, it can be perceived in a completely different way by the older sibling.   This class will focus on helping the sibling prepare for change in the family.  As all children are different, so will their adjustment be when a new baby comes into the home.

The class will focus on what to expect when the baby comes home, what the new baby will be like and what they will be able to do, and not do. We will stress how important the siblings are to their parents, and their new baby brother or sister.  Because they will need to feel important, we will be talking about what they  can do to help mom.  They will be encouraged to always talk to mom and dad about their feelings and that all their feelings are normal.  Most of all, they will be taught that they will always have their special place in the family.

The class will consist of a short video and be taught how to safely handle the new baby using life size dolls.  The children will then be taken to the OB floor to look through the nursery windows and then see what the room will look like when they come to see mom and the new baby in the hospital. Then they will come back and enjoy a snack and drink before they go home.

Above all, your child will be able to enjoy time that is planned just for them.

Sibling class will be offered on the second Monday of every month, starting in January of 2012.  Some dates may change due to room availability. The class is scheduled from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Harrison Room at Southeast Hospital. The parents may choose to stay and observe the class, or have a quiet dinner at Lacey’s while they wait for their children.  If you will be leaving the room, we ask that you leave a phone number where you can be reached with the instructors.

Call Jane Unterreiner, BSN, RNC-OB at 573-331-6190 or register online.

Sibling Class Photographs - November 2012

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