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Southeast Inpatient Rehabilitation

Phone: 573-651-5551
Fax: 573-651-5833

Southeast Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation unit is a comprehensive unit boasting the latest state of the art equipment and rehabilitation philosophies. The 13 bed unit is managed by Joy Frey, BSN, RN, CRRN under the direction of Matthew Karshner, MD, who is a Physiatrist, with Erica Morgan, RN, CRRN, coordinating patient intake. Together the three bring over thirty years experience to the rehabilitation arena at Southeast.

Our multi-disciplinary team is complete with:

  • The Physiatrist
  • Rehabilitation Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Pharmacy
  • Dieticians
  • Social Services

The goal of Southeast Hospital’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit is to restore the patient to their highest level of function allowing them to return to the community and their home.  Intensive therapy as early as possible following an injury or illness can make all the difference in the overall outcome. During a stay on the Inpatient Rehabilitation unit, the patient will participate in three hours of therapy each day.  Family members are trained to assist in the transition from acute care to home. After the patient is discharged, therapy can be continued with Home Health, a home program, or at HealthPoint Plaza for outpatient therapy if needed. Most patients have a follow up appointment with Dr. Karshner as well as their Primary Care physician.

Inpatient Rehab NursingRehabilitation Nursing

Rehabilitation nursing is a philosophy rather than just a phase of treatment. Their practice is based on rehabilitative and restorative principles by:

  • Managing complex medical issues
  • Collaborating with other specialists
  • Providing patient/caregiver education
  • Setting goals for maximal independence
  • Establishing plans of care to maintain optimal wellness
  • Bowel and bladder
  • Wound care

Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • If admitted from Southeast Hospital, your own hospital physician will continue to follow your progress.  If you come from another hospital or facility, we will be happy to consult a physician of specialty to meet your needs.
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation builds strength, endurance, independence and confidence with a goal of returning patients to their prior level of function in their home and community
  • Administering intensive rehabilitation helps patients return home and avoid extended stays in nursing homes
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation builds confidence regarding safety at home and provides teaching regarding new illnesses
  • Caregiver training at discharge

How to Find Us

From the front lobby at Southeast Hospital, take elevator C to the 4th floor and turn right. The nurses station is down the hall on the right. To arrange a tour of the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, please call 331-6575 or 651-5551.  Families and prospective patients are welcome anytime.

Southeast Outpatient Rehabilitation

Dr. Matthew Karshner’s outpatient office is located inside HealthPoint Plaza and is often the final stage of your rehabilitation process.  You may continue with outpatient therapies once your stay on the intensive rehabilitation unit is finished.  Dr. Karshner will continue to manage your therapy as well as any medical issues that still need attention and management.  Find out more.