Foot and Ankle

Southeast Hospital's orthopedic physicians specialize in the treatment of a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, including:

  • A person working on foot and ankleAcquired foot problems (bunions, digital neuromas, acquired flat foot deformity, hammertoes, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), overuse injuries (tendonitis)
  • Congenital foot and ankle deformities
  • Reconstruction following foot and ankle injuries
  • Diabetic foot complications
  • Neuromuscular deformities (foot drop, deformities caused by nerve or muscle imbalance)
  • Reconstruction of arthritic joints and deformities
  • Sports Injuries
  • Trauma (fractures (simple or compound), tendon/ligament injuries)

Watch a video on Bunion Removal Surgery or other orthopedic surgeries

Our team of dedicated professionals is skilled in advanced surgical techniques, with many procedures performed on an outpatient basis and followed with an individualized rehabilitation program. To ensure a quick recovery, arthroscopy of the foot and ankle is performed when possible. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that enables orthopedic surgeons to view and then repair or correct orthopedic problems through only a small incision.

The foot and ankle specialists also are proficient in using shockwave therapy, a non-invasive method for treating chronic heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. For accurate diagnosis and ongoing treatment of arthritic or painful joints, localized injections of anesthetic or cortisone are prescribed. To determine the best site for these injections, x-rays are used to identify specific areas for treatment.

Because of our dedicated facilities for orthopedic care, we offer patients on-location rehabilitative services with board-certified physiatrists on staff. Physiatrists specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation of a wide range of problems affecting the musculoskeletal system. Therapists and nurses also are part of the care team. Because of our expertise, the majority of foot and ankle rehabilitation occurs in an outpatient setting and is focused on rapidly regaining range of motion, strengthening of the foot and ankle, and correcting gait problems.

Specialized Services

Through the Diabetes Center, patients can receive education on prevention, pedorthic and orthotic management, salvage options, amputations, as well as learn state-of-the-art wound management.