Shoulder and Elbow

Shoulder and ElbowWhether a patient is suffering from a torn rotator cuff or complex instability of the elbow, Southeast Hospital has expertise in treating a wide range of shoulder and elbow problems, including:

  • Biceps tendon disorders
  • Elbow or shoulder dislocation or instability
  • Fractures involving the shoulder or elbow
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome and shoulder pain
  • Joint replacement for shoulder or elbow conditions
  • Osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis in the shoulder or elbow
  • Biology of rotator cuff healing

Our team of trained physicians, physical and occupational therapists, and nurses also are…at reverse shoulder arthroplasty, which helps to restore movement in irreparable rotator cuff tears and are skilled in treating patients seeking consultations and care after a failed surgery of the shoulder or elbow.

Treatments begin with a comprehensive evaluation. For many patients, conservative treatment and rehabilitation options are highly successful. The use of fluoroscopic-guided injections into painful or arthritic joints is a non-surgical procedure used to relieve pain and improve functions.

By using less invasive techniques, patients are able to recover faster with less pain and better mobility than with traditional open reconstructive surgery. These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. These advanced techniques enable physicians to treat many shoulder and elbow disorders that historically led to years of pain and dysfunction.

Patients who need treatment for arthritis can see you physicians who are highly experienced in both shoulder and elbow joint replacement. Our surgeons are also skilled in reconstruction of complex fractures around the shoulder and elbow. Fractures can sometimes be repaired using less invasive percutaneous fixation techniques. This eliminates the needs for casting, although a splint is still required.