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We've been serving the region for 80 years

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History"President Calvin Coolidge is presiding at the sixth International Conference of American States. Lucky Lindy is greeted by cheering crowds in Panama City, the next stop on his triumphant Central America Tour. On the home front, the nation is humming "Button Up Your Overcoat" and "Shortnin' Bread." Some of us have the $550 it takes to put us in the driver's seat of a brand new Ford, while others of us have invested $4,800 in the American dream - a new three-bedroom home complete with a white picket fence. In a modest laboratory in London, Alexander Fleming is on the verge of discovering our first wonder drug, penicillin, and in a movie studio in Los Angeles a Missourian named Walt Disney is putting the finishing whiskers on a cartoon character he calls Mickey Mouse."

In Cape Girardeau on this wintry Monday, we're lining up at the Park Theater for the romantic film "What Price Glory," starring suave Edmund Lowe and steamy Delores Del Rio . The local newspaper is keeping us abreast of Billy Sunday's tent gospel show under way in St. Louis. At Bartles Mercantile Co. on Broadway, knitted bloomers are on sale for $1, and at the Metropolitan Cafe, 8 North Main, full-course dinners are going for two bits and a dime, beverage included.

On a hill overlooking the city's westernmost edge, Southeast Missouri Hospital opens its doors.

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