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Welcome to the Neurophysiology Department at Southeast Hospital. Our newly redesigned facility offers complete diagnostic testing in a convenient and comfortable atmosphere. Using the latest technology, our medical professionals provide a wide range of specialized testing to assist in the diagnosis of many neurological conditions. These services are available to outpatients on a referral basis, as well as to inpatients.

The Neurophysiology Department is staffed by highly trained technicians and physicians who have extensive experience performing and interpreting the specialized test required to evaluate neurological disorders quickly and accurately. We offer a comprehensive program of testing options ranging from routine to advanced studies.

Neurophysiology waiting area (4th Floor adjacent to Elevator A)

When a patient arrives for testing the technician explains the test and what the procedure involves. The physician or technician performing the test remains with the patient during the entire procedure to ensure it is completed in the most comfortable, safest manner.


How to Schedule a Test:
When ordered by your primary care physician or specialist, these tests can be scheduled by you or your physician’s office by calling the Southeast Hospital Central Scheduling Department at 573-331-6351.

Hours of Operation:
The Neurophysiology Department is open 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. You may reach us with any questions at 573-651-5866.

Directions to the Neurophysiology Department:
The Neurophysiology Department is located on the 4th floor of Southeast Hospital. After registering at patient registration, take elevator A to the 4th floor.